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AEWIN’s D8AI Chatbot Solution
AEWIN partners with D8AI to bring you AI powered Chatbot solution. D8AI was founded by industry veterans aiming to bring AI into everyday applications through innovations with in-house AI engines that empower solutions across their portfolio. The Chatbot solution is designed as enterprise-grade customer care AI that can provide relevant and timely assistance or response. It can integrate into many existing messaging and social media platforms, with a single unified management backend. This allows easy management and monitoring of user interactions.
AEWIN’s UniTraffic Solution
AEWIN cooperates with UNISEM’s IoT Division to provide the UniTraffic, an AI (Deep Learning)-based traffic management solution, to help in solving traffic problems caused by complex traffic environment and loose adherence to traffic regulations. Traffic is a major issue affecting metropolitan cities and UniTraffic can assist in managing traffic to improve the operations across the city.
AEWIN’s UniSafety Solution

To prevent various accidents during the manufacturing process, AEWIN cooperates with UNISEM’s IoT Division to provide UniSafety, an AI-based computer vision solution. This is a Smart Factory solution that uses Deep Learning-based computer vision technology to provide a safe work environment, prevent potential accident, and reduce serious injuries.



NLP Document Recognizer solution
AEWIN cooperates with D8AI to provide NLP Document Recognizer solution to transform unstructured information to useful data. It can reduce the operating cost, enhance the service, and accelerated document process time. Enterprise, hospital, or even government can improve the data processing quality with this solution.